Rowing Machine Workout Diet you must follow

Rowing Machine Workout Diet you must follow

Fitness is something everyone should be paying attention to, many of the Americans lead a stressful life, and they do not have enough time or they don’t get sufficient time for the workouts.

According to a survey conducted by the health departments across the USA, the country has revealed that the Americans are very busy and they barely work out in a day.

Many of the experts have claimed that Americans are working out 9on their daily basis of life, but they do not maintain a healthy diet which is leading them to the ailments later in the mid 30’s.

The research has also revealed that the working out in regular basis routine is crucial because it not only to remain healthy but also the irregularity is also affecting their children because they are born diabetes patient, and the younger generation number has increased with diabetes. 

What is important is that to maintain a good health even if you do not have sufficient time to work out because it is not only affecting your health but also your children.

For that very reason, many manufacturers have seen an opportunity to do business out of people who do not have time by providing useful material and products like Rowing machine. If you don’t have enough budget for buying a rowing machine, you can opt for spin bikes under 500$ which will give you similar level of output.


The rowing machine is very popular now became they are compact, and they can be used even when you are t home. The rowing machine is made for fitness, but it can also be used at your home.

Let’s look at the equipment uses, and what diet you need to follow to remain healthy and active now and later as well. 

Rowing Machine Workout Diet you must follow

Make a Schedule

First of all, make a strict rule of working out an hour or half and hour a day. It is important that you have to maintain the flow of integrity and keeping the flow of time. 

There is no point in getting rowing machine benefits and work out only when you get time. Just like we have our lunch, dinner, and even snacks, it is important to make the fitness a regular program of your daily routine.

A regular workout can help you make your heart healthy. And you gain more strength. Workings on rowing machine not only shape your body and muscles but also keep your blood flow at a good rate.

Exercise for an?

When you are exercising, make sure to keep yourself hydrated because you might cause more damage than good. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated.

If you are using a rowing machine, make sure to start from 10 minutes if this is the first time using the equipment. DO not exert yourself thinking that yo99u can lose 1 KG in a day. It takes a month to gain 2KG but it would take two months to 2KG as well.

Maintain a Diet

When we mention a diet, it’s not about to not to eat for dinner or lunch. Nobody is asking you to skip lunch for next seven days.

What is important is to maintain the flow of intakes. Everything is based on calories. Understand the chart of calories to know what kind of food you are in taking each day.

Skipping the dinner is a wise choice if you someone who weighs around 90KGS or above. But experts would suggest you to not to skip the dinner but make sure to eat lightly.

Avoid oily food, and e=when you have oily food then have lightly. Do not overeat be cause it will only cause a problem.

Drink More?

Water is a source of hope that is what we have been hearing for ages now. In dieting the crucial pert is not to eat but also to drink. Drink water as much as possible but avoid drinking too much.

For Men, you can have around four liters a day. Remember to have water within the four liters, or you might damage your brain.


Diet is important but you do not have to skip meals. Have good amount of food but in limit. Make sure that food gives you strength to survive a day. Hope is something that makes everyone give a shot but I would suggest people who arte weigh over 80 KG and people who are above 40 to consult a doctor before using this fitness machine.

RESERVE™ Fruit Blend: The Side Effects

I remember how I asked the GP who has cared for my girls since they were young. The regular visit to the doctor was about colds and cough, and sometimes, fever. So it really is nothing serious, over the years, but I think that it was about antibiotics when I asked the question, “Can you give a medicine that doesn’t have side effects?”

The truth about drugs

He did a bit of an honest chuckle, then he replied, “All drugs have side effects. It is just a question of how strong it is.” So he understood what I meant, and he helped clarify my understanding, then prescribed a medicine that is ‘less’ on the side effects, while still sufficiently potent.

Why is that important?

Because it was for kids.

Now, how about natural supplements?

The first thing I learned about Vitamin C as a child was that you can’t get overdosed with it. You take in less, it is used. You take in enough, your body uses it. You take it more than enough, you just pee it out. How reassuring! And that brings a lot of memories, when as a child, I would go to our backyard, look up the lime tree twice or thrice my height, see the yellow ones around the top sides ripened by the sun, pick up a stick, then whack here and there!

That would make a lot of leaves and a lot of fruits fall down, and sometimes, except the one I want to really get.

I would have been sick sucking the fresh lime fruits, but thanks to Vitamin C’s property, I would just pee it out.

And having grown, and even grown old, I have learned that all natural supplements won’t ever earn you the “OVERDOSED” tag. I think the most you’d get is loose motion, or induced vomiting – mostly due to over consumption.

The Truth About RESERVE™ Antioxidant Fruit Blend Side Effects

So the premise has been set, but the truth has to be told.

Being a combination of all-natural, all-organic ingredients, it is safe to say that RESERVE™ Fruit Blend poses no danger of overdose, much less side effects. I have been consuming RESERVE™ Fruit Blend 2-3 times a week for about 3 months now, and so far, I noticed these few reactions:

  • Last week, it was the round of seasonal colds, and at the office, everybody got to barking, some really hard, but me, I got a runny nose, and after 3 days, it was gone
  • I have a very sensitive skin, and anything that gets in contact directly with my bare skin, especially when I sweat, that is sure to trigger a rash and itch – that is more or less controlled now
  • The limit of 2-3 times a week is due to my body metabolism – I am naturally having a fast metabolism, and when I attended a 2-day seminar where a packet of RESERVE™ Fruit Blend was provided each meal (tea break, lunch, tea break, dinner), I actually lost weight. And that was eating without restriction!

Known reactions from various consumers

So you see, how effective it is to you still depends on how your body responds to the “super food” supplement.

What follows next are mostly feedback from consumers, and it is quite interesting to note that one person experiences something that another person does not. There are similarities, but in most cases, there is uniqueness to one’s results.

Here goes:

  • loose motion
  • constipation
  • gas and bloating
  • nausea
  • tingling ears
  • inflammation
  • headache
  • skin breakouts

Why these reactions?

This usually happens when the body goes into the healing process. It is a temporary detoxification effect. We get and accumulate toxins from the food that we eat, like refined sugar, refined wheat, caffeine, alcohol, etc., from the pollutants in the air like vehicle smoke, cigarette smoke, and from our lifestyle, like staying up late when we should already be sleeping – this upsets the normal body rhythm and processes.

Detox is the process where these toxins are removed, or expelled, from the body. These reactions are normally temporary and short-lived, from 1 to 2 weeks only, and afterwards, when the detoxification process is completed, your body returns to normal.

Do note that for diabetics, this detox period, or ‘healing process’, is usually 3 weeks, and during this stage, a single packet of RESERVE™ Fruit Blend is recommended for consumption. This is the time when your blood sugar reading will spike up, increasing about 0.2, and should be monitored, but is expected to normalize on the 4th week onwards. By then, 2 packets  a day is recommended.

None other adverse effects

Having mentioned these temporary reactions, I can say no more, for really, there is no more.

Convinced already?

If all your doubts are cleared, and you are now convinced, what are you waiting for?

Take RESERVE™ Fruit Blend, the ‘super antioxidant’, the ‘super food’ – for youth, health and beauty – holistically.

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Red Wine Resveratrol – An Ongoing Testimony

What is resveratrol, really? Some say resveratrol from polygonum cuspidatum is more concentrated than resveratrol from red wine. Quercetin? Is it really that potent in reducing allergic responses, and equally potent in boosting immunity, just like resveratrol?

I would have given these question a rest, and just continue on with my resveratrol review, which is really proving to be very challenging – the views differ tremendously – but whatever each side says about the merits (or hype) of resveratrol, flavonoid or quercetin, the world continues, and our lives goes on – for most of us.

I will once again tell what is resveratrol, where it comes from, and what are the ‘alleged’ health benefits it gives, which many say needs to be ‘proven’, that a clinical test has to be carried out and completed, before it can be established that this polyphenol compound is really worth any medical attention at all – or, as they say – everything is hype.

I say it isn’t. Do read on…

What is Resveratrol?

It is a powerful antioxidant produced by plants when under attack or stress by pathogens, bacteria, etc.

Sources of Resveratrol

Resveratrol is derived from red grapes, usually those used in red wine production, such as labrusca and muscadine grapes; in stalks, roots, vines, but mostly in skin. Resveratrol is also found in peanuts, mulberries and red wine.

The first scientific experiments on resveratrol was on the Japanese knotweed, a.k.a.polygonum cuspidatum.

Health benefits

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Telomeres, Telomerase, Anti-Aging and Cancer

What is telomere? What is telomerase? Do you know the relation between telomerase and cancer? Telomerase lengthening? Telomerase supplement? If that sounds way too Greek to you, it was for me. I certainly knew angiogenesis and cancer, but when I started reading up on telomeres and telomerase, I was surprised that there also is a direct relations between telomere shortening and cancer – which is why we have telomerase supplements to enhance telomerase lengthening.

Hold on a second…

The exposition on telomeres and telomerase isn’t in this short article. No, not yet. What I wanted to do is introduce to you the doctor and the scientist behind the all-natural, organic and non-GMO health supplement that is targeted to do telomerase lengthening, another best natural cancer cure aid, or prevention to say the right word, and geared towards youthful aging.

For why would we be so old when we age? Why not remain youthful even as we advance in our years?

Meet our doctor:

Dr. Vincent Giampapa: Anti-aging physician


Dr. Vincent Giampapa

  • Medical director at Jeunesse Global USA
  • Nominated for 2014 Nobel Prize in Stem Cell Research
  • Board-certified Plastic Reconstructive surgeon at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
  • One of the first board-certified anti-aging physicians in the world
  • Internationally recognized as an innovator in surgical instrumentation
  • Founding member of the American Academy of Anti-aging medicine

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Exercises for the seniors

Stretching exercises. Fitness exercises. Aerobics exercises. Balance exercises. Workout routines. Workout programs. Seniors. The elderly. Or so we think. We assume that the senior citizens are the ones who need physical exercise on a regular basis. W have recommendations of rowing machines which they can use for rowing workout.

Not so.

We all need a regular physical exercise, as there are benefits to fitness programs, even just a 10 minute workout, if that is what you choose to do:

  • Improving your memory
  • Improving your posture
  • Boosting your confidence
  • De-stressing yourself
  • Sleeping better
  • Feeling more energetic and productive
  • Getting sick less often
  • Improving life expectancy; living longer
  • Becoming happier

Importance of exercise for the elderly

Research shows that a sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy for adults over 50. Inactivity often causes older adults to lose the ability to do things on their own and can lead to more hospitalizations, doctor visits, and use of medicines for illnesses. Exercises and strength training helps you look and feel younger and stay active longer. Not only can exercise help stem the decline in strength and vitality that come with age, it even improves it. Regular exercise, by building strength and stamina, prevents loss of bone mass and improves balance, actually reducing your risk of falling.

Other Benefits of Exercises (not just for the elderly)

  • Exercise helps older adults maintain or lose weight
  • Exercise on Stretching Machine.
  • Exercise reduces the impact of illnesses and chronic disease
  • Exercise enhances mobility, flexibility and balance in older adults
  • Exercise improves your sleep
  • Exercise boosts mood and self-confidence
  • Exercise benefits brain functions as diverse as multitasking and creativity and can help prevent memory loss, cognitive decline and dementia.

Advantages of exercise

  • Strengthen the muscles around your joints
  • Help you maintain bone strength
  • Give you more strength and energy to get through the day
  • Make it easier to get a good night’s sleep
  • Help you control your weight
  • Make you feel better about yourself and improve your sense of well-being

Types of recommended exercises

  • Range of motion exercises
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Aerobic exercises
  • Other activities; consult with your doctor first

Problems faced by elderly

  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Parkinson’s disease

Recommended exercises for people with osteoporosis

  • Strength training exercises, especially those for the upper back
  • Weight-bearing aerobic activities
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Stability and balance exercises

How can exercise help people with osteoporosis?

Certain types of exercise may strengthen muscles and bones, while other types of exercises are designed to improve your balance.

Recommended exercises to help ease arthritis pain and stiffness

  • Low-impact aerobics
  • Strength training
  • Stretching.
  • Weight training
  • Lower and upper body exercises
  • High-intensity exercise (for those with rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Spinning on Spin Bikes.

How can exercise help people with arthritis?

It increases strength and flexibility, reduces joint pain and helps combat fatigue

Fitness programs for senior citizens, in details

Strengthening training exercises/weight-bearing exercises

  • Using weights for workout, start with 1 to 2 pounds for women, or 3 to 5 pounds for men
  • Do  8 to 12 cycles or repetitions
  • Take a minute of rest, then do another set
  • Do this strengthening exercise at least twice a week
  • OR
  • Do weight/external resistance from body weight, exercise equipment, free weights or elastic bands
  • This type of exercise helps prevent loss of bone mass, builds muscle and improves balance

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Angiogenesis in tumor growth

“All cancers begin as tumors, but not all tumors end as cancers.”

Clarifying the line that says ‘we all have cancer cells’

In one of his videos about angiogenesis, Dr. William Li mentioned that men and women who died in car accidents were autopsied, and it was found that about 40% of the women have microscopic cancer cells in the breast, while about 50% of the men have prostate cancer. They belong to the age range 40 – 50. Hey, there’s a rhyme there…

At age 70, the chance of having cancer cells increases to 100%, and it applies to all. No exception.

Angiogenesis as a normal process

Chemical signals control the angiogenic process. These signals either stimulate or inhibit angiogenesis. Remember that while the process is very complex, it is balanced. That is the very key.

A baby growing in the mother’s womb from conception to growth relies heavily on the balanced angiogenesis process.

For a cut to heal, angiogenesis has to be balanced, growing new cells and supplying them with blood vessels, and when that is done, cutting off the growth and triggering apoptosis for the excess cells.

In body building and body toning, angiogenesis is very critical. The wear and tear of muscles requires new blood vessels, or you won’t see your 6 pack – no matter what you do, you will forever see a big fat bun!

So just how does a tumor start?

When we are younger, everything in our body is at its peak, so all processes and mechanisms are in perfect shape and in the right balance. At this stage, the cancer cells are put in check by a high rate of apoptosis, a programmed cell death. This phenomenon is called tumor dormancy, and it is believed to be long.

Nonetheless, the tumors are in place, only that they are inactive.

What triggers the tumor growth then?

It is called angiogenic switch, when the tumor becomes active. Actually, it is known that a lot more complex processes happen before angiogenic switch, and that the tumor itself doesn’t immediately ‘grow’ but undergoes regression.

When the tumor becomes active, the interesting ‘tumor trick’ happens.

Angiogenesis is ‘hijacked’

Angiogenesis plays a very critical role in the growth of tumors, in the spread of cancer. To grow beyond a few millimeters in size, tumors need blood supply. Tumors do 3 things:

  • They send a chemical signal that ‘tricks’ the body into stimulating angiogenesis
  • They dupe neighboring normal cells to produce angiogenesis stimulators
  • As tumors grow into cancer cells, they invade surrounding tissues, move throughout the body and form cancer colonies; it’s called metastasis.

Inhibiting angiogenesis

Knowing that tumors need blood supply and nutrients to grow, scientists are now trying to find ways to hinder or impede tumor angiogenesis. That way, cancer can be slowed down, or completely eliminated.

Where are we in the anti angiogenesis race?

While we know that everything is being done to make drugs available for the control of tumor angiogenesis, the side effect is also one major factor to be considered. The drug that is supposed to cure you may also kill you. Nonetheless, clinical tests are ongoing even at this point, and researchers are not stopping until a viable cure is found.

Cancerous tumor: how does it all start, and why?

In the beginning

There is a stage in our life, in our living years, when cancer cells in our body are benign. That is when we are young, and our immune system is super-duper perfect, or at most at its peak. We can do anything, almost, and yet not get sick. Ever felt like Superman or Wonder Woman sometimes, right?

And we grow old

At the age of 30, the indicator chart of our body’s immune system, robustness, inner strength and keeping processes and mechanisms in balance begin to decline. So young you say? Yes, that is right. And this is aggravated by our lifestyle, even worse if we deliberately abuse our bodies.

And we grow older

And from the previous articles, recall that 1 of 2 women at age 40-50 are found to have cancer in their breast, while 1 of 2 men at age 50-60 were found to have prostate cancer, and at age 70, the possibility of everyone being diagnosed with lymphoma cancer is 100%. No exception.

How does it all start?

We now know that the tumors start to grow and become cancer when they become active and ‘trick’ the body by sending phony signal that trigger angiogenesis, where the body grows blood vessels towards the tumors, supplying them with blood that brings oxygen and nutrients, making them grow into cancer, even metastase. At this stage, one can be just suddenly ‘diagnosed’ with cancer. This is really happening all of a sudden, and the cancer is at an advanced stage.

Why does it usually happen at a later stage in a person’s life?

We are all wondering how it all starts, and what triggers it in our body. I posed this question to a doctor, who answered so plainly, “It is due to ‘hormonal imbalance’”. That explains why it happens when we are older. It is due to hormonal imbalance.

And we know that from age 30 onwards, our body’s systems begin to go haywire, slowly degrading, slowly worsening. That is despite all our efforts of watching our diet, exercising, keeping fit.

Who is more susceptible?

Listen very well to this point. Read it slowly, and understand it. Between men and women, who is more vulnerable to cancer?


Even more wondering why now? Women differ from men in many, many aspects, but more on the emotional aspect. Men live a day of their lives, and don’t even remember what happened yesterday. As for women, they seem to remember many things, even small, small things, especially the things that hurt them, the things that give them pain – and suffering.

A revelation

If this comes as a surprise, know that there is help. Let us be more understanding of the women that we love. Seek help from qualified medical practitioners who can help them release the hurt and pain and suffering, which we normally don’t see, and which they normally don’t show. For that is another trait that women do well – masking their emotions. Until it is too late.

From here on, what are we to cure?

After undergoing a surgery, we have cases of a relapse, and the second time around, it becomes worse. This even more makes us wonder why. That is because there is another cause that we don’t ‘see’. Because it is not physical, it is emotional.

Yet here is now the revelation, so take heed. Understand it, and take action. In both aspects of the physical and emotional, we can fight cancer, and we can win.

The cancer cure that is not gonna kill you

Let us now understand the cancer cure that is based on angiogenesis. Read this slowly, as it may be the answer to the question that you have been asking for a lifetime.

Formation and Role of Blood Vessels

Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body through the blood vessels and bring back the toxins and wastes from the organs for purification via veins. Angiogenesis, the growing of new blood vessels, is an important process that is naturally occurring in the body. If happening in the right time and at the right place, it is an agent of life. Otherwise, it is an agent of death. You can probably consider taking fiber in your meals which would prevent you for all diseases.

We need blood vessels, so to speak!

Stimulators and Inhibitors

Imagine what happens when you get a cut. Simulators around the area of the cut release some kind of fertilizer, chemical signals, called growth factors that activate angiogenesis. The new blood vessels aid in the healing process. When the healing process is completed, inhibitors spring into action, pruning the excess blood vessels. Remaining cells that needs clearing out are removed via apoptosis.


Simply, this is one treatment of cancer using chemical substances. While it is targeted to destroy cancer cells, healthy cells are also destroyed at the same time.


What’s worse, chemotherapy is often employed after an operation, or at a time when the cancer is already in an advanced stage.

This explains why so many cases fail: we are treating cancer too late.

Anti Angiogenesis

The alternative to cancer cure is focused on controlling the angiogenic process. It is called anti-angiogenic therapy. At the start, anti-angiogenic therapy was effective, but tests did not yield a high rate of success – as expected.


It was employed following the pattern of chemotherapy: when the cancer is already in the advanced stage. Once researchers at the Angiogenesis Foundation switched to prevention, then cancer cure was more effective!

Getting excited?

Does it really work? Doesn’t it kill as well?

You see, the tumor blood vessels, being formed by ‘phony’ growth factors, a counterfeit signal, not the body’s authentic signal, well, they are abnormal and poorly constructed. A makeshift. They exist just to feed tumors and are not meant to last. Therefore, they are vulnerable to targeting.Alright. That is a very fair and valid question.

What’s more, some of the food we already eat have been identified to control angiogenesis. For example, tomato. Cooked tomato.

Why is this important?

It was found that 30-35% of the cause of cancer is coming from food that we eat.

On the contrary, nature has also prepared for us naturally-occurring beneficial agents in a lot of fruits and vegetables that control angiogenesis – for the good.

What’s the evidence so far?

Around 80,000 men followed over a period of 20 years who consumed cooked tomato 2-3 times a week had lesser case of prostate cancer, and even those who contracted the disease, the number of tumor blood vessels is lower.

So what’s the cure now?

Food. Not drugs. Definitely not chemotherapy!

We have artichoke, grapes, berries, tomatoes, tea, and the list is growing!

How do I get the right kind at the right amount?

You may have to be cooking all the food you eat from now on. For grapes, for its resveratrol molecule to be effective, you have to drink red wine 100 glasses a day.

And if the eating of vegetables doesn’t seem quite palatable to you, or that the drinking of red wine seems to be too excessive, if at all allowed, there is a solution. The help for cancer cure is at hand, and is within everybody’s means.